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Marly Joseph Desir born October 1, 1972 in Haiti  .He is an artist known internationally for his thematic painting in mixed media
After a childhood filled with love for drawing, Desir joined the National School of Art (ENARTS) Haiti and then the Miami Dade College to improve and familiarize himself with professional art and artistic creation by caring intensively for thought processes and attractions of accomplished artists.
Keenly interested in modern painting, this style has become the most apt way for Desir to emphasize how the world reveals itself emotionally.
Desir is known in the artistic world for his original style, his ability to create and also his aesthetic sense. The artist’s preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. Desir is also an art historian and has received numerous international awards:
-Recipient of a CAA (College Art Association) scholarship in 2013, New York, USA
-Recipient of the CIMAM grant (International Committee for Museums and Collection of Modern Art) in 2016, Barcelona, ​​Spain
-Winner of the CATAPULT award (Caribbean Creative Online Grant) in 2020.
Desir has carried out several individual and collective exhibitions, the most recent of which:
-Earth Zine, Scotland 2021
-We are not invisible -Silent Stories, Online Juried Exhibition, 2021
-Green Point Earth, London England
, Edition 2020
Desir’s works have appeared in international magazines such as:
-Polemical Zine Number 14 Glamor vol.1
-Jaamzim Creative magazine Numero 5 vol 3 and Jaamzim COVID special edition.
-The Utopia project Magazine Issue 3

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