Accra, Ghana

Agamelah is a Ghanaian contemporary artist born in the city of Accra. He is in to portraits, his medius he work in is acrylics and oil.

Agamela still insists on that audacious prerogative of his to finish his work in a state of seeming incompleteness.
His latest works which though have altered quite noticeably,show an accentuation of that insistence.

Yes he still works in acrylics and applies his paint with straight-edged plastic objects like phone cards, credit cards and broken rulers. And yes his subject matter is still dominated by black men and women as well as children.
He also still leaves out patches of blank undercoat and allows them to freely and intentionally remain on portions of the faces of his themes.

Something is however different in this latest Agamelah collection. A certain contemporary, new-age, almost careless and carefree surrender of caution and rebellion against control and order seem apparent in this new collection of portraits which he calls LOVE CYCLE.

The collection seeks to promote black culture in the diaspora. A culture that authentically brings out all the human emotional attributes of love, affection, deceit, benevolence, pretence, heartbreak, empathy, hate, etc.

Agamelah’s sense of colour, his attention to harmony and space, his love for rhythm and his general sense of freedom have been enhanced in these new works to create a more pleasant overall impact than before.

Theses latest works capture both the past and the present, hoping to bring enlightenment to the future.