Visual Artist based in Khartoum, Sudan. Translating heritage and exposition into artwork. My work casts a critical eye over Western civilization from the perspective of the African Diaspora. Visually enticing while evoking subtle sentiments, the images are careful examinations of social transformation and sensitive topics. I use a range of techniques to convey these ideas, from traditional oils, acrylics and ink through to coffee for depth of color and pigeon feathers for delicacy. My work is not premeditated, but rather evolves naturally over time and is often an overflowing of thoughts I find difficult to express in words. Through these pieces I explore the concept of whether humanity is progressing or regressing. I try to examine just what society and culture have become in terms of class politics, warfare, sexism and the media. I have observed South Sudan’s populace incessantly trying to emulate western fashions, behavior and even the use of language. Through this lens, I challenge the viewer to ask many fundamental questions and to imagine they are protagonists rather than passive observers. With that said, I refrain from explaining my work. The images are a glimpse of my inner self, but I prefer to leave the art open to interpretation by those who take the time to see how it reflects their own views. I am a graduate of the Sudan University of Science and Technology and have been part of 10 exhibitions, mainly in Khartoum.

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