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Offrez-vous de l’Art contemporain en ligne

Bandombe galerie est une place de marché permettant aux amateurs d’art (expert ou non-experts) de s’offrir des œuvres d’art contemporain africain à des prix abordables. Notre équipe de sélection déniche chaque jour les meilleurs artistes contemporains de différents coins d'Afrique.

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Lundi - Samedi : 09:00 - 18:30 34, avenue commerce et Lokele, Commune de la Gombe - Kinshasa - RD.Congo +243 823391110

Frequently Asked Questions • Artists

Why sell on Bandombe Gallery?

Every day art lovers from all five continents visit our site. To promote your work, your presence on Bandombe Gallery is a springboard to notoriety.

On the our website homepage, once you publish an art, it appears directly in the section “New Works of Art” with a maximum audience. Enjoy Bandombe’s huge publicity with art lovers and international collectors.

How to sell my arts online on Bandombe?

Registration on our website is 100% free, just fill out the registration form on our website with attention. Our application team will carefully review your file and come back to you as soon. Only the selected artist receives a response. Once your application is approved, you will receive an e-mail with your access codes to connect to your artist space.

Who can sell on Bandombe Gallery?

Visual artists, Art galleries, Art agents.

In case of sale, how is the delivery?

In case of sale on, you will receive a notification by email or phone call asking you to prepare artwork for shipping. We send you all possible contact information of the customer to make the delivery. And it’s the customer who bears all the expenses of the exhibition.

Who keeps the artworks exposed on Bandombe?

The artist keeps his artworks, Bandombe just publishes the images on his website and then he does not have any warehouses to store artworks.

What kind of Bandombe artwork exhibits?

As long as they are original, Bandombe Gallery exhibits all types of artworks : paintings, small sculptures, photographs, mixed media, etc …

How many works can I exhibit on Bandombe?

Your space on Bandombe Gallery is unlimited. You can exhibit as many artworks as you want.

What percentage do you take?

The commission will be communicated to you by the welcome email when your application is accepted. And this commission is really reduced compared to traditional galleries.

Is it a problem if I exhibit in other galleries?

We don’t impose an exclusivity clause. You can sell wherever you want, knowing that any acquisition by the artist with a client who discovered his creation via the website or social networks Bandombe is strictly condemned, on pain of immediate and final exclusion of the artist. And we insist that the price of the work is not higher on our website than on other galleries.

Who sets the price of works of art?

The prices of artworks exhibited on Bandombe Gallery are set by the artists themselves. Bandombe can intervene in case the artist has difficulties on this subject.