$ 1,900

Acrylique sur toile

133 x130

annee: 2019


El hadji Mamadou Faye alias Jo’Art
Born in Dakar, I am a painter and interior designer. I studied at the school of Fine Arts in Dakar (ENA). Since childhood I started practicing painting and my first works have been strongly inspired by the African tradition, such as figurative and naive scenes of African life. Not denying my typical style, nowadays my art proposes a new identity for the Senegalese folks and a different perspective on the representation of life, both deriving from the influence of the contemporary environment. I have been working for a long time in social projects, with a strong focus on children and marginalized groups. My goal is to support – through my art – the development of the economic and social environment of the new generation, in urban and rural areas of Senegal.

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