Stories with no Hopes

Mixed Media
Soft coffee and pen on paper
25.5 x 30.5 cm
Année : 2020
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Vendu par Bossozzy
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Its difficult to believe if any one tells me that we can stop all activities in the world just for this sake hmmmm. Traveling from one place to another was a hobby and a full-time Job, to an extent people do thank God for acquiring a visa, Funny!. Can it ever go back to normal? Walking around my closet like It has never been a time outside, the coffee shop in VI is on lockdown leaving me with just my jug and a tea cup for me to continue. How funny life can be, How do we come out of this? which way out? Do we still wake up in the morning take our bath? Change our cloth and search for the food we don’t have? Slept for days and months with no vision? The fear of extending the isolation with no fund is out of wickedness. It’s funny but it’s the beginning to be a matter with no jokes,boys moving into the street at night like they are predators cos of Hunger 19. How do we come out of this? Can it still go back to normal?


My name is Orlu Princemoses Ozangeobuoma, I was born in February,1990 in Enugu State, Nigeria. I am from Rivers State, Nigeria. I graduated in 2014/2015 with a B.A in Fine Arts and Design from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. I majored in painting. Presently, I live in Port Harcourt, Nigeria as a full-time studio artist. I have participated in several group exhibitions, seminars and workshops since I graduated. I am a member of the Society of Nigeria Artists (SNA). My art from is in a stylized form, a style I call Scratchito. My work tackles issues such as: history, race, modernity, culture and social values as they relate to contemporary Africa. I use acrylic and oil paint charcoal, pastels, ink, texture, impasto as media and using fat female figure to a create contra posture figures to convey my message. I am inspired by everyday life and the ever changing culture of my space. My philosophy of art and life is to create an appreciation of continuous and spontaneous works in the same way that expresses the inner self, so to create a social emancipation and the struggle for the economy (recession). It is very challenging to our lives, heart, soul and to human. Conscience out not only for the artist but for every being that is human in their nature. So I use this medium to complement to the living in a deeper meaning to all our existence on earth. My works set in unity and uniformity, which I feel will model to people as a factor for growth. I aimed at creating images of time and moments, images of cultural value and significance as a medium to conserving my African heritage.

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